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Welcome to 2frame, the Dutch media company that creates yóur message, in each form imaginable. Do you have challenges in communication, journalism or linguistics, but you do not know how to handle this from start to finish, then you are at the right place at 2frame.

You can also come here for questions about film and music. As you expected, this is about framing in a positive way. But also: putting into perspective, sometimes thinking outside the boxes, or setting frameworks.

The man behind 2frame is Frank van der Meijden. After many and especially good years of experience in journalism, music, linguistics and communication, he combines this knowledge and expertise for you. Do you want communication advice in a demanding project? Do you need training in journalistic skills? Do you have that one and only specific book or movie script in mind, but you don't have a clue how to realise this yourself? Then look further on this website. Or contact us directly.

Frank is able to give trainings in Dutch language and culture, as he is experienced in a international context. If you would like more information, don't hesitate to respond.

2frame is located in Zwolle, the Netherlands.