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From (film) idea to final production: I guide your concept  

Submitting a film idea to a producer or fund, writing a screenplay, designing a PR campaign for your production. Artistically you know what you want in visual language, but the question is: how do you make it work for someone else? I am happy to help you with my knowledge and skills in writing, film, communication and journalism.

I'm also on the set myself as a director, so we speak the same language. Whether your question is small (help with a pitch), bigger (a screenplay) or biggest (from concept development to the press kit for the premiere), you'll find the right help here, so you can focus on your field of expertise. Whoever you are: director, dramaturge, producer ... Your idea is in good hands.

2frame is Frank van der Meijden. After many and mostly good years of experience in (film) journalism, music, linguistics and communication, I bundle this knowledge and expertise for you.

Film & Screenwriting
I give lectures to college students in Film and Screenwriting and I share my vision on (screen)writing on international platforms. Do you need training in writing skills, or just media training? Do you have that one and only book or movie script in mind, but don't know how to realize it yourself? Then please look further on this website. Or, contact me directly.

2frame is based in Zwolle, The Netherlands.